4 Principles To Keep in Mind When Designing Sustainable Interiors

4 Principles To Keep in Mind When Designing Sustainable Interiors

Sustainable design and materials are here to stay; in fact, they will become mainstream because of the increasing necessity. Sustainability services and products are gaining traction among governments and corporations as global environmental challenges become more prominent and the general public becomes more aware of them. However, you will need to be well-versed in sustainable design, sustainable materials, and market trends to utilize these products and services.
Below we have listed four principles of sustainability in design that will help create a better, more sustainable future-
1.Design with energy efficiency in mind
One of the most significant factors of climate change is energy consumption. Buildings account for a significant portion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which are driven by energy usage. The two most important things that interior designers may affect are heating and lighting. Because the majority of the heat in a structure escapes via the windows, it’s critical that the windows installed are of good quality and provide adequate insulation.
The right kind of paint on the walls can drastically decrease the energy spent on lights. Rooms with lighter walls and furnishings reflect more light, whereas those with darker walls and furnishings require more artificial lighting.
2. Select environment-friendly products  
It is critical to choose materials and products that have the least environmental impact from a sustainability standpoint. Organic materials (such as wood, wool, and natural stone) appear to be the obvious choice, but we must remember to utilize natural resources appropriately. Choose items that are easily renewable and mined in an environmentally friendly manner. Materials and products’ environmental impact must be assessed throughout their entire life cycle, from extraction to production, transportation, and processing, as well as how they are disposed of after usage.
3. Keep lifespan and adaptability in mind.
Interior designers should evaluate the lifespan of any material they want to employ, especially for those elements that endure a lot of wear and tear, to avoid materials and items being discarded too frequently. The goal of designing for longevity is to create environments that are enduring and timeless while resisting the impulse to replace the entire design every few years. Quality over quantity, classics over contemporary, and simplicity/functionality over decorations are the best ways to achieve timelessness.
People evolve and grow through time, and they want their surroundings to adapt and grow with them. With this in mind, interior designers should think about the adaptability of spaces, or how well they can be altered to meet the changing demands of those who use them.
4.Create an environment that promotes mental and physical wellbeing. .  
When it comes to designing healthy environments, there are various things to consider, including air quality, heating, ventilation, lighting, and acoustics. Natural light exposure is also good for both physical and psychological well-being. Natural light reduces stress and boosts productivity, which is very important in the workplace. In fact, being surrounded by natural (or natural-looking) materials has a relaxing impact in general. Biophilic design is a style of design that recognizes the need to include natural components in our buildings and interiors, with the goal of restoring the human-nature connection.
Studio Vibhasa will provide you with valuable advice and information, regarding the use of sustainable materials for your proposed interior design project when you consult the architects, builders, and interior designers. Our professionals will assist you in making the best choices and decisions for current and future projects.

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