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We are a young and dynamic studio with a focus on creating aesthetic, sustainable, and functional spaces.

We specialize in creating bespoke spaces ranging from site development and landscaping to get into the finer details of interior design, while also consciously minimizing the impact we leave behind on the environment.


Studio Vibhasa is a full-service interior design studio. We personalize for our client’s residential and commercial requirements. From an interior refresh to full-scale remodeling – we do it all!

Our individualized approach to every project, from an interior refresh to new construction and large-scale remodels, has you covered.

Interior Designing

Our designers help you visualize and execute your interior design vision. We work closely on the specifics provided to produce sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing designs in the existing space layouts for renovation reasons.

We provide excellent Landscape Designing Services which are carried out under the supervision of landscape designers.

Landscape Designing


We perform all phases of architectural work including planning and designing. We plan out the entire process according to the client’s vision.

We work closely on the specifics provided in the existing space layouts for renovation reasons, and we plan out the entire procedure according to the client’s visions.


Our Projects

We produce a range of work covering both residential and commercial spaces.

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